Artist Profile: Brendan Briggs

From Punk Rock to Collage and Everything in Between

Porcelain, Mixed Media

Brendan Briggs creates art that is fun, interactive, and thoughtful. Here at Glenn Dallas Gallery, art from Briggs has been included in our Blue: An Homage to Picasso & God is a Woman group exhibitions. We view Brendan as a breath of fresh air and look forward to working with her more in the future. The work below is on view until July 4th. Stop in to see the creative pieces in person. We always love chatting about art.

Hali Galloway reached out to Briggs to learn more about her processes and inspiration. Keep reading to learn about what keeps this vibrant artist inspired and motivated.

Hali Galloway: What led/ influenced/ molded you to become an artist?

Brendan Briggs: In 1975 “A Night at the Opera” was released. I wanted nothing more than to be Freddie Mercury. By the time I was 14, I was the lead singer of a punk rock band that received local notoriety, a record release, and management who got us on tour. Later, Tim Curry starred in the Rocky Horror Picture show – I was mesmerized.

Changing everything I launched into a series of post new wave/grunge rock bands. I was offered a few record deals, but always had to decline. Along the way I met interesting people with amazing stories of their own. I kept a diary. I would say these experiences inspired my visual art career.

HG: How do those influences manifest themselves in your work?

BB: My work is pretty political and socially comprehensive.  I think all things conflicting are relevant to my work. Like music finding its way through the substrate – I like it that way.

HG: How have you seen your work evolve from when you first became an artist to present day?

BB: Hmmm…Well, I don’t center my work around collage any longer. I use collage now as a substrate rather than subject. Because I change my mind about me daily, my work changes with every canvas. There’s no way I could concentrate on painting sunflowers over and over again, I’m just not cut that way.

HG: What inspired your initial choice of medium: collage?

BB: I love the idea of being broken, broken heart, tragedy and being stitched back up again. My own story is that… so, Mixed Media is wonderful for these elements of creation.

HG: What are the themes and ideas of your works displayed in our gallery?

BB: Since I was 9 Liza and Babs were my favorite female vocalists. Graffiti inspired me to put these ladies together in a symbolic or metaphoric wall of tasteful tags. While putting this together I was listening to Babs sing the finale of A Star is Born, “With one more look at you/watch closely now”. The intensity to control weeping while she moshes these two songs makes me weep, I just love it. This prompted me to listen to Love Pains by Liza. I couldn’t help but split the wall in 2 to combine those lyrics.

HG: Specifically in your work, Lady Godiva, there is a strong pop-art feel. What is your inspiration/goals/ intentions of this element?

Lady Godiva, Mixed Media

BB: I’ve always loved loved loved graffiti, pop culture and innovative pop art with a message of tolerance, peace, humanity.  Lady Godiva was sparked by living in LA and the realization that I can’t create anything alone. It takes a village to make me whole.  The mosaic of people within a person, and those around me that inspire: Freddy Mercury, Rosa Parks, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie the Riveter, Minnie, Green, Bees…  

My goal is to continue on this cruise of Pop Art because I love color and it makes me happy.

HG: What is your intended reaction from the viewer through your works?

BB: The story is the intent, but I do hope viewers find their own story within  the works, maybe even like the artwork just a bit.

HG: What are some techniques, mediums, or ideas that you want to explore further in your career that you have not yet had the chance to explore?

BB: I’m not a portrait artist but know one day I’ll try it.  Also, building large ridiculous size architectural structures as sculpture would be fun.  I have not painted with oil yet either, I suspect I will soon.

Transition of Koral and Kings Cross, are on display at Glenn Dallas Gallery as part of our God is a Women exhibition. This show features work from 53 regional, national and international women artists.

/Artist Brendan Briggs, Interviewed by Hali Galloway

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